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Vítor Mejuto

Born 1969, lives and works in Santiago De Compostela, Galicia, Spain. Spanish artist Vítor Mejuto works in an abstract style, within the tradition of geometric abstraction, the movement which is found within russian constructivism and that produced Bauhaus and the Dutch De Stijl movement, and which was later taken up by the informalists of the New York School like Frank Stella or Kenneth Noland.
Some of these trends came from Minimalism, others, as in the case of Peter Halley, the work of these great masters came to be known as Neo Geo, which takes advantage of space and its properties, of color and its behaviour, speaking more of painting and less of emotions. Though this last characterization is arguable.
Vítor studied fine arts at the University of Salamanca.

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Britta Acquistapace, München

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Richard Giesemann, Wien

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8. Januar 2016