The Spirit of Art | The spirit of art
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Confrontation with art and culture broadens our horizons, reaffirms basic values and signifies happiness for our souls.
Which conditions give human beings direct access to art? Museums? Galleries, which tell you prices only on request? Or the Online Shop? – Till today, art is quite often regarded as elitist and placed on a pedastal.
THE SPIRIT OF ART is an ART CONNECTING POINT, by which we share our artist friends and our objective with friends and make them accessible to a wide audience.
You can meet and get in closer touch with artists. You are able to rent artworks. You are able to present artworks. You can share art. You can implement a HOME ART GALLERY in your private environment in close collaboration with us. You can use the power of art and make it profitable for your company and for events. Obviously, you can also purchase or sell works of art.
Let’s get jointly involved for art of all kinds, which you consider as being valuable.

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